The story of our GP super partnership

Providing patients in North Somerset with outstanding healthcare care has always been a top priority for GP practices in and around Weston-Super-Mare, Worle & Villages area. This is why the practices that now make up Pier Health came together to make sure they could continue serving local communities in the best possible way. The first step towards our GP super partnership was a powerful but simple message: to make our practices more sustainable, effective and resilient.

A pioneering healthcare partnership for North Somerset

With a GP Super Partnership deed place, the final phase was made possible by the election of a board of Non-Executive Directors and a Chief Executive Officer. They join the executive team and staff from across the partnership in staying united, involved, and excited by the remarkable opportunities that lie ahead for Pier Health and the communities we serve.

Why we are different at Pier Health

  • Our size matters – we are the 6th Largest PCN in England
  • Our history matters – we are individual sites who came together to form a super partnership
  • Our relationships matter – we have strong internal and external bonds
  • Common Challenges – we have the sense that we are all in this together, and we will solve it together
  • Locality Simplicity – we are fortunate that our locality makes sense to everyone
  • Infrastructure – we have invested significantly in this area
  • Courage – tradition doesn’t always work for us so we are bold to try other things