Core General Practice

We offer holistic medical care from cradle to grave at Pier Health through our practices.

We deliver core General practice services with continuity of care where possible but also ensuring the patient is seen by the right person for their problem – utilising the wider primary care team.

New Mum and baby checks at 6-8 weeks of age (and any care needed from date of delivery)

Common childhood illnesses, assessing and reassuring the self limiting conditions, and spotting the very sick that need hospital input

Childhood developmental abnormalities and neurodivergence referrals

Vaccinations – from the 8 week baby immunisations to the 70+ shingles and pneumonia, plus annual flu and covid

Chronic disease diagnosis, management, and prevention – eg Diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma, COPD, Chronic Kidney disease

Screening for cancer and pre cancerous conditions – smear tests, stool tests, genetic referrals for high risk families, prompt assessment of red flag and concerning symptoms

Support for acute and long term mental health conditions

Interpreting blood tests and monitoring of specialist medications

Prescribing and reviewing medication as well as it’s suitability and safety

Participating in research, to inform best care for patients now and in the future

Ensuring evidence informed care in conjunction with patient choice and shared decision making