Care Home Hub and Frailty Service

One Weston Integrated Care Home Hub


  • Weston Super Mare has the largest concentration of care homes in the South West region
  • Pier Health provides healthcare for the residents in 65 care homes for older people. This includes dementia care, learning disabilities and specialist mental health needs, in collaboration with skilled staff in our care homes.
  • The care home hub currently in-reaches into 17 homes with plans to expand this offer to all homes 

Creating a legacy for Weston-Super-Mare and the villages that surround it.

Under the leadership of our care home hub lead Dr Holly Paris, we are striving to:

  • Be proactive in our approach to care, but be responsive when it’s needed.
  • Reduce fragmentation of care, by fostering different healthcare employers to work as a single team (“Same scrubs, different employer”).
  • Build a team that is more the sum of its parts, mixing our skill sets and teaching one another within a multidisciplinary setting.
  • Encourage and develop clinical leadership, working to the strengths of each team player.
  • Collaborate and support our valued care home staff to deliver highest quality care.
  • Listen to what matters to our residents and their families, valuing and trusting their experience.
  • Reduce failure demand by getting things right first time for our residents.
  • Create a safe learning environment which allows us to correct things that do go wrong, and will let us learn from our mistakes.
  • Ensure the care our residents receive is the same as we would expect for our own families.

Some of our best achievements so far:

  • Reduction in unnecessary admissions and ambulance callouts, reducing pressure on our system.
  • Reduction in unplanned contacts to GP surgeries by anticipating problems ahead proactively.
  • A hands-on COVID rapid response team during the height of the pandemic.
  • Care Home Fellowships and secondment posts supported for medical and nursing professionals.
  • Development of new training posts for allied health professionals, undergraduates and postgraduates.
  • Closer working relationships with partners such as N Somerset Council, UHBW (hospital) and AWP (mental health).
  • Awesome feedback from Care Home staff, managers and families.
  • Being featured as an NHS Winter Pressures exemplar service by NHS England in winter 2022.