Digital Health Service

Digital transformation is widely acknowledged as a way to deliver more efficient and impactful health services.

At Pier Health, we realise the value of implementing a digital service across our practices is an innovative way forward.  To help us close the digital gap we have looked at the progress and opportunities within the digital health space and have ensured that we are focused on digitalisation across our practices and centrally. We are improving the adoption of digital technology within our organisation and encouraging technological advancement via our patients, practitioners and across the wider health care system partners. Our overriding message is clear, if primary care is to survive and thrive it has to make the most of technology.

Why is digital health key?

The benefits to patients and carers include:

  • improved self-care for minor ailments
  • improved self-management of long-term conditions
  • improved take-up of digital health tools and services
  • time saved through accessing services digitally
  • cost saved through accessing services digitally
  • reduced loneliness and isolation

What we are pioneering right now