Pier Xtra Service

In response to the national Covid-19 vaccinations programme, we set up a Hub for joint delivery. Riverbank Medical centre (our vaccination hub) was a remarkable success, vaccinating c150000 patients.

In August 2022 we closed down the centre as the vaccination intensity decreased, moving to a mobile team called Pier Xtra to deliver us our services. This new delivery model was then initiated for the autumn 2022 booster campaign. Initially operating under the original Riverbank Central Team premise, the remaining personnel supported clinics in GP surgeries and helped us with the vaccination of our housebound patients.

Pier Xtra was formally introduced into our organisation in November 2022 and now supports with various clinical and administrative activities including setting up and booking clinics, supporting with learning disabilities and serious mental illness health checks and many more.

What we do at Pier Xtra?

Our Pier Xtra team are friendly, caring, and reliable clinical and non-clinical individuals acting as extra team members who can respond to staffing requirements due to sickness and vacancies, thus helping with capacity management. We are still increasing the pool of this team, for example, we are thinking through how we can extend this workforce to include doctors and administrators to allow us to provide a wider service.

What is unique about Pier Xtra?

At Pier Xtra we are investors in people and believe by offering our unique employment model we will be able to retain our teams and perhaps support staff to undertake permanent roles. There are many benefits of working for Pier Xtra:

  • Pier Xtra gives fantastic opportunities for professional and personal development in a warm and welcoming environment where everyone feels valued.
  • Pier Xtra team members enjoy all the flexibility of ‘bank staff’ working whilst retaining the advantages of being a substantive team member.
  • Pier Xtra works closely with Pier Health to develop educational programmes tailored to the learning and training needs of our clinical and non-clinical staff.
  • Although Pier Xtra is a standalone department, it is also intertwined within our practices becoming part of the Pier Health workforce. This has numerous advantages for all of us.