Research Service

Research has long been supported and recognised by clinicians for its importance in healthcare; it's one of the main drivers in providing evidence-based improved treatment and care options for patients.

Each year in England, there are hundreds of research studies operating in hospitals and GP practices, trying to answer specific research questions which will help inform future care for all patients.

Pier Health Group is a forward thinking organisation. We have our own Research Department with dedication administrative resources making our research processes effective. We are keen to bring opportunities to participate in research studies to all patients across all disease areas and we invite eligible patients to participate in studies via invitation from their GP practice. Participating in research studies is a personal decision and has no impact on usual care for the patient if they wish to decline an opportunity. When patients do wish to join a study, our research team support the patient with answers to questions and we offer appointments at convenient times, local to them, so that they can participate in studies which interest them.

  • Our approach to research at Pier Health is ethical and exemplary
  • Our Practices can deliver studies with and without our central Primary Care Network  support (PCN)
  • Our PCN Team deliver studies frequently 
  • We have good clinical practice training in place at each of our practices
  • Practice members have now been joining join our research teams for some studies
  • We have access to free tools & services for practices from our research partners

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Our Research Partners