The Lifestyle Club

This is a free service available to all our patients diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

We know that over the past few decades, changes to diets and physical activity levels have caused a range of health complications, an increase to insulin resistance and a linked reduction in life quality. However, recent UK studies have shown that small, sustained diet and lifestyle changes can help to not only reduce weight and waist sizes but also increase the chances of reaching drug free remission.

Pier Health Group has partnered with Public Health Collaboration to provide you with this exciting, evidence-driven opportunity to make those sustained diet and lifestyle changes.

You will be introduced to an external team of experienced health coaches who will facilitate and lead you on an 8-week group online course, providing the personalised help you need in a supportive environment.  

There are 8 group online sessions. During each session you will be guided and supported to learn:

  • How simple changes to the foods you eat can improve your blood glucose control.
  • How diet changes can give you more energy and reduce your need for medication.
  • The TLC approach to:
      • Reduce sugar and starch intake.
      • Base your meals on real foods.
      • Staying hydrated.

You will receive the help you need from your health coach, other participants in your group, and through a full programme of on-going support.



Information for Eligibility

Patients must be registered with a Pier Health Group surgery and be currently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.

The Lifestyle Club