Pier Health GP Fellowship Programme

Pier Health Group has launched a bespoke GP Fellowship Programme developed exclusively for Newly Qualified GPs and those in the first five years of practice.

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GP Fellowship Opportunities

Pier Health Group has launched a bespoke GP Fellowship Programme developed exclusively for Newly Qualified GPs and those in the first five years of practice. This is a fantastic opportunity aimed at aspiring GPs and will combine mentorship, protected workload, access to training courses, protected dedicated study budget and other perks.

GP Fellows will also be granted up to two sessions per week fully funded highly flexible CPD time for a range of stimulating projects within Pier Health Group and the Primary Care Network (PCN).

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Fellowship streams on offer include:

  • Teaching & Education
  • Digital Health
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Substance Abuse
  • Academic
  • Medicine Leadership Portfolio
  • In and Out of Hours rotational sessions
  • Green and Sustainable Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Frailty
  • Inequalities
  • Women’s Health

Live Opportunities 

We have developed a nationally recognised Care Home Hub for Ageing Well, and we are keen to meet individuals who have a passion, special interest, and shared/lived experience within this space.

The intent of the Care Home Hub is to alleviate some of the daily pressures experienced in our local Hospitals, and has been eased through a cohesive, collaborative and integrated partnership model of working. The Hub has delivered high quality, consistent care to all treatment reviews, including care planning, treatment escalation plans/anticipatory care, as well as End of Life Care. It has also offered a rolling training programme for our Care Homes, and primarily, supports our older population to have place-based care, in the heart of our communities.

  • GP In-and-Out of Hours Rotation Fellowship Experience:
  • GP Fellowship with an Inequalities Passion Opportunities:
  • GP Fellowship Partnership Opportunities:
  • GP Teaching and Education Fellowships Opportunities:
  • Digital GP Fellowship Opportunities:
  • Green Health and Sustainability Fellowship Opportunities:
  • GP Fellowship with Community Mental Health Passion Opportunities:
  • Innovation and Technology Fellowship Opportunities:
  • Substance Abuse Fellowship Opportunities:
  • Academic Fellowship Opportunities
  • Medicine Leadership Portfolio Fellowship Opportunities
  • Lifestyle Fellowship Opportunities
  • Frailty Fellowship Opportunities
  • Inequalities Fellowship Opportunities
  • Women’s Health Fellowship Opportunities
  • Leadership Fellowship Opportunities


4'ward Thinking:

Pier Health Annual Conference - 4 Years On.

Pier Health ‘s 4 years and beyond achievements.


Some of our Achievements:

One of our Annual Conferences: Pier Health Annual Conference: An Evening of Celebration.

Ready to get involved? We welcome all enquiries, informal conversations and even visits from prospective staff and partners. We’d love to hear about your aspirations and how opportunities with Pier Health can help you achieve them. Get in touch at bnssg.pierhealth.recruitment@nhs.net to speak to our team and find out more.