Discover the latest podcasts from presenters discussing Weston-super-Mare and the amazing people that help our residents thrive.

North Somerset Partnership Podcast

Join David Moss as he discusses the remarkable, driven, and passionate individuals working in various services across North Somerset who play a crucial role in maintaining people's well-being and assisting them during difficult times or when they experience illness.

During this podcast, David will get to know the staff working in local services, their career journies, their motivations, the rewarding aspects of their work, as well as the personal and collective challenges they encounter. 

The podcast is created by staff, for staff, dedicated to the well-being and health of the people they serve. If you wish to learn more about the individuals supporting your colleagues and the reasons behind their work, the North Somerset Partnership Podcast is available on the platforms below.

‘Super Weston’ podcast

Join Becky Walsh, the delightful Super Weston Podcast host and a proud Weston-super-Mare resident, for engaging interviews every fortnight. Discover the vibrant personalities and influential individuals who are making waves in Weston at this very moment.

Tune in and immerse yourself in captivating tales of entrepreneurial brilliance alongside compelling accounts from local residents who have fascinating stories to share about life in Weston. Gain insights from those elevating the community through exciting ventures and events. And don't miss out on exclusive insider recommendations for the best dining and drinking experiences in town.

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